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Letter From the President, USA


Let us arise and be on our way

Dear MI Members,

It is with great joy that I, John Galten, newly elected National President, and the members of the National MI Council: Michael Wick (Vice President), M. Kathleen O’Brien (Secretary), Antonella Di Piazza (Coordinator) Juliann Elkinton (Council member), and Roy Samson (National Director of MI Youth and Young Adults), introduce ourselves to you and pledge our strongest efforts to prosper the work of the Immaculata. We will shortly be joined by a National Spiritual Assistant (a Franciscan Conventual Friar) and a Treasurer, both of whom are to be appointed. 

The election of this National MI Council was held June 3-5 at Marytown, during the first  National Assembly of the MI in the U.S.A., with over 30 MI representatives present, presided over by the International MI President, Fr. Raffaele Di Muro, OFM Conv. The election results were canonically confirmed by Father Di Muro.

All of us present were deeply surprised and inspired by the spiritual nature of this process in what Father Di Muro called a “historical” moment. The U.S. National MI leadership has been transferred to the hands of a lay board tasked with the Immaculata’s mission to win many souls in the shortest possible time for the Sacred Heart, that He might be all in all. Of course, that will be helped by the prayers and assistance from the Friars, especially at Marytown. 

It is most important to remember that with the advent of the new National leadership that mission of the MI has not changed nor will, in fact, we shall endeavor to advance it. To quote the General  Statutes of the MI (article 8), “The MI was defined by Father Kolbe as ‘a global vision of Catholic life in a new form, consisting in the bond with the Immaculata, our universal Mediatrix with Jesus’ (KW 1220). In fact, the MI aims to promote the extension of the Reign of Christ in the world through the action of the Immaculata, encouraging all Christians to unite themselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and to place themselves at her service in the mission that she has as the Mother of the Church.” St. Maximilian not only lived this mission heroically but died a martyr for it. We must resolutely follow in his footsteps and so we shall. 

The new National Council as constituted under the recently adopted International Statutes of the MI, will not be a ceremonial body, but will in effect be the administrative head of the MI in the U.S.A.—a huge order for an unsalaried group of persons who have other obligations. Each of us on the MI National Council realizes this challenge and is committed to the heroic effort required to meet the noble goals of St. Maximilian Kolbe. The National Council will be meeting more frequently, also via electronic means (St. Maximilian would approve of that innovation). 

Initially, the Council will face significant challenges to include, but not exhaustively, the following: establish a national U.S. MI office; consolidate and transfer records and accounts; address the needs of the MI Youth and Young Adults ministry; establish an efficient and regular means of communication with U.S. MI members; create a budget for the year; and develop an action plan for the furtherance of Our Lady’s work. These constitute only a beginning of many things to be done. Now you can see why we will depend not only on the graces that the Immaculata will bestow on us, but we beg also your constant prayers so that we may successfully do Her work as instruments in Her immaculate and merciful hands. 

We are grateful to Father Raffaele for his presence with us and the most pastoral manner with which he conducted this historic event. We thank you all the MI representatives who participated in the vote for choosing us to represent you. It is also with deep gratitude that we thank and acknowledge Fr. Patrick Greenough, OFM Conv., and all previous Board members for maintaining and strengthening the progress of the MI Movement, most especially Shevawn Pearson, who served with such remarkable dedication as National Director and Coordinator of the MI Youth and Young Adults. Many thanks to Bro. Augustine M. Kelly, Guardian of Marytown, for his hospitality and general conviviality. 

St. John Paul II used a wonderful title for one of his writings, “Rise, let us be on our way.” So, dear friends, let us arise and be on our way. The U.S. National Council pledges itself with enthusiasm and hope to our MI mission and goals and to be at the service of the New Evangelization which St. Maximilian so prophetically foresaw. All for the Immaculata!

For the MI National Council, 

galton signature

John W. Galten

P.S. To contact us by mail please post letters to

MI National-USA
P.O. Box 7645
Libertyville, Illinois 60048

You may also email the MI National Office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

P.P.S. For any and all donations to the MI please make checks payable to Militia of the Immaculata or MI National. Be assured that your donation will be deeply appreciated and most carefully used for the purpose of sustaining and building up the MI.

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